Get Started!

If you’re looking to join Global Trading Community, this section of the guide is for you. As a member, you’ll be able to use send messages and files toothers to get work done in the community. Onward!

Step 1 — Join The Community

Get an email invitation.

You can get an email invitation by simply filling in the registration form on homepage .

Accept an email invitation to join.
Open the email invitation, and click Join. We’ll guide you along, but we’ll ask you to enter your first and last name, and username. We’ll also ask you to choose a password so you can sign in and out with ease.

Step 2 — Set up your profile

Filling out your profile helps other members learn more about you.

Step 3 — Download desktop and mobile apps

You can sign in from a web browser on your desktop at any time (just go to But by downloading desktop and mobile apps, you can have more control over notifications, and stay in sync even when you’re on the move.

What’s next?

Now that you are set up with a complete profile and apps for your devices, you can start using the platform here.