This project aims to develop a consistent, compelling, and versatile brand voice for Citann across a variety of channels. The focus will be on creating content that builds brand awareness, engages the target audience, and aligns with Citann’s core values.


Citann UK



Project Goals

  • Establish a distinct brand voice with a clear tone, personality, and messaging guidelines.
  • Develop engaging content that resonates with Citann’s target audience on various platforms.
  • Ensure consistency of messaging and quality across all content deliverables.

Scope of Work

  • Brand Voice Development:
    • Collaborate with Citann to understand their mission, values, and ideal customer persona.
    • Develop a brand voice guide outlining key attributes, style, and do’s/don’ts.
  • Social Media Content:
    • Craft social media posts, captions, and ad copy that sparks engagement.
    • Adapt tone and style based on platform-specific best practices.
  • Press Content
    • Draft press releases, bylined articles, and media pitches highlighting Citann’s story.
  • TVC Script Development:
    • Ideate creative concepts that convey Citann’s value proposition in a visually impactful way.
    • Write scripts that are persuasive, memorable, and align with the ad’s overall direction.


  • Social media content calendar (for the first month, to serve as a template)
  • Press release templates and/or key pitches
  • Multiple TVC script concepts