This project focuses on implementing a multi-channel performance marketing strategy to drive growth for Wecheer. The emphasis will be on leveraging data to target the right audiences, optimize campaigns for conversions, and deliver measurable ROI.


Wecheer Sweden



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Project Goals

  • Increase qualified leads and website traffic.
  • Boost brand awareness within target demographics.
  • Acquire new customers and drive sales.
  • Track and optimize campaigns for maximum efficiency.

Scope of Work

  • Social Media Marketing:
    • Refine social strategy and paid campaigns for optimal audience targeting.
    • Create engaging content and ad formats (video, carousel, etc.) to showcase Wecheer’s capabilities.
  • KOL Management:
    • Identify relevant influencers with audiences aligned to Wecheer’s ideal clients.
    • Develop collaboration plans (sponsored content, reviews, etc.) to amplify brand reach.
  • WiFi Marketing:
    • Develop location-based WiFi marketing campaigns to capture leads and promote Wecheer’s services.
    • Utilize user behavior data for targeted retargeting.
  • SMS Marketing:
    • Build opt-in SMS lists with clear value propositions for subscribers.
    • Develop automated and personalized SMS campaigns to nurture leads and drive conversions.


  • Detailed performance marketing strategy plan.
  • Campaign calendars across all channels.
  • Regular performance reports with actionable insights.
  • KOL outreach and campaign tracking metrics.